Expanding geographic reach with ShipHUB

We can get your products into all European marketplaces. In summer 2021, we are going to start selling in the USA, and in the autumn, in Singapore. We can help you to enter more than 100 of the world's largest marketplaces.

Reliable export partner
Complete infrastructure
We offer you a single-window mode solution: you don't have to form a legal entity abroad, retain staff, or manage accounts in over 100 marketplaces.
International growth
We are a highly ambitious company now offering you access to the European market. In July 2021, we're entering the USA market and, in October 2021, the Asian one.
Predictable outcomes
We develop, agree on, and only then implement a marketing strategy for entering international marketplaces.
First, we analyse the market, the competitors, and pricing. We work on promotion while always keeping the customer in mind. We create flexible pricing and rely only on the predetermined KPIs.
Transactions in foreign currencies
Diversification of profits through the sale of goods in different countries. Get payments in foreign currency regardless of the rubble exchange rate.
ShipHUB was created with the support of the logistics alliance ACEX GROUP.
We make over 100 of the world's largest marketplaces
available to our partners
ShipHUB Consulting

If you are new to exporting but eager to sell abroad, the ShipHUB Consulting Team will help you to start selling successfully.

Submit a request and we will answer all your questions:

Registering your trademark overseas


Market and customers research

Competitive analysis

Developing a marketing strategy

Developing an export strategy

Product adaptation and packaging for export

Only 7 steps from applying to making
your first sales
Apply on the site
ОSubmit a request and we will come to your factory or arrange a video call to tell you how to get into international marketplaces without losing time and money. It is absolutely free and does not oblige you to anything, though you will get to know our company better.
Associate Agreement
After the briefing, we draw up an individual Associate Agreement, agree on it with your legal department and then sign it.
Market analysis and marketing research
We analyse the market and your competitors in target marketplaces to develop a marketing strategy. Our approach involves complete transparency and openness to our partners.
First batch shipment
Preparation of the first batch and its shipment to our warehouse in the Netherlands, preceded by mandatory repackaging and labelling. Information about each product is available in a single-window mode on our digital platform. Each partner has a personal manager who is available 24/7.
Meeting orders and customs clearance
The logistics manager is in charge of customs clearance and maintaining an uninterrupted supply to the warehouse in the Netherlands. The warehouse manager is responsible for fulfilment and quick delivery to warehouses in the marketplaces.
Account management in the marketplaces
Account management in the marketplaces on a turnkey basis, the creation and maintenance of product cards, review writing and SEO text placement.
Start of sales
We manage pricing, conduct promotions and choose the most effective promotional tools in international marketplaces.
Transparency at each stage of work
  • Examine your product
  • Calculate unit economics
  • Advise on product promotion
  • Charge one of our employees with raising your sales
  • Create product cards
  • Conduct marketing research
  • Draw up a strategy for developing your trademark in the marketplaces
  • Manage your sales
  • Conduct promotions and other activities
  • Manage your margin and maximise profit
  • Decide on the assortment
  • Handle translations into foreign languages (we can assist, if necessary)
  • Register your trademark in the target marketplaces
  • Get certification, with our support if necessary
  • Determine strategic goals
  • Reach an agreement on our proposals and recommendations on product promotion
  • Reach out to us over any operational issue

Request a
Free consultation
Submit a request for a consultation with our lead manager. We will discuss your company's entrance into international marketplaces either in person or via a video call. We can guarantee that we spend 90 % of our time consulting with you and only 10 % selling our services, not vice versa.
Frequently asked questions
If you have any further questions, you can call +31308903449 or e-mail: info@shiphub.world.
Could you tell me more about your company?
ShipHUB is a project aimed at establishing an export sales channel for Russian manufacturers. By building a complete infrastructure, we make entering international marketplaces as simple and predictable as possible.
I sell on the Russian marketplaces already. Why should I sell internationally?
Entering international marketplaces allows you to diversify your sales and receive a steady income in foreign currency. It also provides immense opportunities for your business to grow, since the volume of the overseas online trade market greatly exceeds that of the Russian one.
What guarantees do you provide?
On our side, we carefully select which products to promote abroad, conduct market analysis and develop a strategy for entering each marketplace together with you. Such a professional approach to sales is vital for success.
We sell in international marketplaces already. How can you help us?
If you already have accounts in international marketplaces, you have faced all the challenges and learned how much effort, money and time is required to start selling successfully. On our side, we are willing to share our experience, as working in each marketplace requires specific knowledge about it as well as dedicated work for each market. Managing dozens of accounts requires you to retain a costly team of salespeople. If you work with us, we will help to optimise these costs and also speed up your entrance into many other marketplaces and new markets. Our infrastructure is available to all of our clients. That is how we will supplement your sales channel with new markets and marketplaces and boost the expansion of your geographic reach.
How is the cost of your services broken down?
We conduct very transparent and structured work with our partners. You can find a clear outline of all the cost components for each SKU (logistics, customs clearance, storing, fulfilment, commissions in each marketplace, taxes in each country you sell, budgeting for marketing, ShipHUB's commission). Everything is calculated separately. On our side, we will provide you with recommendations on how to optimise all initial costs at the start, which is far more convenient for you than entering the same marketplaces independently.
Contact us
Our office in USA

170 Commerce Way Suite 200
Portsmouth, NH 03801, USA
+1 (603) 502-4666

Our office in Netherlands

Havenweg 24, Kamer 0.14, 4131NM
+3 (130) 890 3449